Educational Study Tours for schoolsEducational Study Tours for schools
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TETC is different from other Tour Operators. We focus on the Educational and Pedagogical content of your tour.
TETC has invested into long-term and exclusive partnerships with selected Education Centres and schools in France, Italy, Spain and New Caledonia.
Our local partners have developed, under our supervision, programs that are specific to the Australian Curriculum and to Australia Schools requirements.
These programs are classified as Premium Educational Content.

New in 2019. We recognise that sometimes choices can be constrained by budgets. Our Budget Educational Experience (BEE) includes some key sites and basic accommodation and transfers. You can add one or more option packs to your BEE program:
Pedagogy Pack – add a lessons pack from one of our Education Partners, which include the Outdoor Classroom excursions (where available)
Excursions Pack – including guided tours, additional admissions and walking tours to enhance the educational content of your program
Dinners Pack – save time and drama with all your dinners pre-booked for groups and catering to your food requirements/allergies
Accommodation Upgrade Pack – Upgrade from hostels to 2-3* for that extra space and convenience
Mobile Wifi Hot Spot – Hit the ground running and avoid “bill shock” with a portable Wifi Hotspot, which includes 25€ credit (for up to 10 devices!)

We appreciate you are busy teaching and that organising an overseas tour is a time-consuming task. Our range of ready-made, yet flexible itineraries will save you time. We provide assistance throughout the entire preparation process, from the initial quote through to the day of departure.
We work with you to deliver educational tours that will inspire a love of learning in the classroom and in everyday life.
We also offer creative solutions should you be short of numbers getting that tour off the ground!
TETC is Australian owned

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