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Can’t blame the driver now…

Tokyo now has a driverless taxi that can take passengers on a set route between Otemachi and Roppongi districts. Passengers make their booking via a smartphone app, which allows them to unlock the vehicle – right now it’s being tested with a driver and assistant riding in case of errors and makes just 4 return trips a day – but already over 1500 people have applied to be passenger, so there’s a big demand!

Sniffing out stolen antiques

In conjunction with the Penn Vet Working Dog Center, Le Penn Museum in Philadelphia USA is currently training dogs to detect the specific scent of antiques, particularly from regions such as Syria and Iraq, where looting antiquities is rife.

Le jambon-beurre vs the burger

For the first time, more hamburgers than jambon-beurre sandwiches were consumed in France in 2017. A “whopping” 1.4 billion hamburgers were devoured and seized the crown from the traditional ham and butter sandwich second with 1.2 billion sold. A more modest 745 million of pizzas were eaten during the same year. Interestingly, nearly 45% of burgers were served in non-fast food restaurants as French chefs develop more burger recipes á la française.

Make a Sustainable Change

No matter where you live, the little things you do can make the world a better place for everyone. Even small changes can be part of something significant. Click here to see what small habits you can change that can contribute.

France’s “Frank Sinatra”, Charles Aznavour passes away at 94

Did you know that Charles Aznavour was a protégé of Edith Piaf? That he mentored Liza Minelli? That he wrote over 1000 songs, including “She”, a cover of which featured in the movie Notting Hill. That he remained loyal to his Armenian heritage and continued his defence for refugees and his singing career right up until the end!

This link shows him in full voice!

World’s first solar train is Australian!

The Award-winning Byron Bay Railroad Company refurbished a 1949 train to create the world’s first solar powered train. The diesel engines were removed and replaced with traction motors and invertors, charging a Lithium-ion bank. Special curved solar panels are fitted to the carriages and the train storage shed. The 10 minute-3-kilometre trip is between North Beach and Byron Beach, is not just for novelty but a park-and-ride service for commuters with section of rail corridor and stations

Well that’s pretty rubbish!

220 tons of rubbish has been left on the moon since 1969. It is made of redundant hardware, food packaging and human waste. In the movie The Martian, Matt Daemon does “science the s**t out of this” and grows potatoes on Mars, but how long before recycling on the moon becomes a hot potato?

Budgie Smugglers

The oldest recorded tax evasion dates back 4,000 years ago in the city of Assur (now in Iraq). To avoid paying taxes, traders would try all methods of smuggling precious and expensive metals, including in their underwear.

Study Tours Killer: Assumptions (1 of 8)

Not planning ahead far enough to have the right booking – It’s a great advantage to start planning ahead: getting sign-off from the school executive, making sure that reservations are at your first choice of hotels, restaurants and excursions. Last minute can often mean the need to compromise on price, convenience and possibly safety!