Welcome to our 5th edition the first for 2019.
There’s been a lot of interesting tidbits in the news ICYMI.

A sticking point on this new island

Not far from Tonga, the eruption of an underwater volcano forced a new island to appear three years ago: already it has vegetation! Until now it has been viewed only by satellite, but a recent visit surprised NASA scientists… There is unexpected sticky mud oozing from the cone – they are currently trying to figure out what it is and where it comes from! [SBS]

New tourist fees for Italian cities

Venice has recently implemented a new charge to tourists that will be going toward to the maintenance and upkeep of the island city and other cities, such as Florence, are expected to follow suit! [BBC]

Three coins in the fountain

You may know the legend that you toss a coin into the Trevi fountain so you will visit again? Those coins (valued now at about US$1.7m per year!) have been donated to the Caritas, a Catholic charity. [Smithsonian]

New words for 2019

Every living language keeps developing and as new trends and technology evolve, so does the language. In the 2019 edition of the Japanese “Yearbook of Contemporary Society” includes new words for “solitary eating”, “halal certification”, “PET bottle syndrome” (meaning drinking too much soft drink)! Check out the other phrases and words [Japan Times]

Kind of a bluey, greeny, yellowy…

Did you know that your language colours how you see the world? What was the word for Orange before we knew about the fruit? Have you found it hard to concisely describe a colour? It can be the same for feelings and other sentiments unique to a culture. If we don’t have the words, what then? [Quartz]

World’s longest sea bridge

An extraordinary feat of engineering has been achieved in China. It took 8 years, (AU) $20billion, 14,000 workers – dealing with height restrictions for air traffic and a shipping corridor that dictated a 6.7km long section as a tunnel! It is designed withstand earthquakes and typhoons! This “mega bridge” connects Hong Kong with mainland China. [Create Digital]

Illuminating Australia’s first cinema

Did you know that French cinematographer Marius Sestier opened Australia’s very first cinema? He was an employee of the brothers Lumière who were based in Lyon, which features in our tour E400 of France for French, History or Geography Cross-Curricular

Why you should switch your mobile to flight mode!

While passengers will dispute the safety aspect of switching off to Flight Mode on your phone, your wallet would prefer it! One man recently discovered this when his phone (stowed in his luggage even!) connected automatically with the plane’s antenna and racked up over AU$400 in roaming charges in the air! [News.com.au]

Study Tour Killer: Assumptions (4 of 8)

“But I googled mapped it”– Sometimes it takes longer for coaches to reach a destination, particularly as it must have accessible roads, a suitable legal place to park, etc. Occasionally everyone has also been caught out with a Google tag being not quite accurate, either misplaced, or the name of the destination isn’t quite right. And don’t forget loading and unloading your herd of cats also takes time. Trust us to sort out all those logistics Check out our Teachers page