It’s been so busy in the first part of the year! Let’s catch up on what’s been happening in the world!

Pompeii’s Enchanted Garden: as archaeologists continue to explore the ancient city of Pompeii, a courtyard shrine has been uncovered displaying mythical beasts, sprays of flowers, peacock and other birds, inspiring the name “Enchanted Garden” [Source: The Local IT]

Renzo Piano designs Movie Museum: the architect renown for architectural designs such as the Tjibaou Cultural Centre (Noumea), the George Pompidou Centre (Paris) and the Shard (London), has a new project near completion: the Museum of Motion Pictures (Los Angeles). [Source: Architectural Digest]

Centenary of the 1919 “Spanish Flu” in Sydney: For a city and country weary of “Great War”, the influenza pandemic that followed killed 50-100 million people across the world and 15,000 people in Australian in less than a year, creating quarantine conditions across the country. Today we are fortunately to have vaccines that save countless lives – have you had your ‘flu shot yet? [Source: Sydney University]

Super Golden Week 2019: In Japan, Golden Week is a close series of public holidays that fall across April-May each year, that include the Emperor’s Day Constitution Memorial Day and Children’s Day. This year with Emperor Akihito abdicating after 30 years and Emperor Naruhito ascending the throne, additional holiday were added for the ceremonies and celebrations to mark the end of the Heisei (Achieving Peace) era and the beginning of the Reiwa (Beautiful Harmony) era! [Source: Japan Times]

Virtual Reality immerse you in history: you can see Rome as it was in 320AD in a new virtual reality program that displays on computers or through VR headsets. Different key monuments are currently featured with more being added by to Rome Reborn an they intend to expand to other historical sites. You can also see the eruption of Pompeii presented by ZeroOneAnimation and Melbourne Museum [Source: The Local IT]

The True Size of Countries: The tradition of map making has always faced the issue of making our globe 2-dimentional and still proportional. Our most common is the 1569 Mercator Map (where Greenland appears enormous) and later the 1973 Peters Projection tried to redress the imbalances of perception of size (and in many minds, the influence and value) of different regions. Now technology enables us to see a new perspective – on the TrueSize webpage you can pick up a country and overlay it to see how it really compares. [Source: Newsweek]

Madrid’s Ghost Station Museum: Closed to the public in 1966, the Chamberi station in Madrid was left to decay until used in the film Barrio in 1998 – now it has been restored and re-purposed as a museum of Madrid’s Metro system, where you can step back in time to 1919, and learn about the 100 year history of this important city infrastructure! [Source: EsMadrid]

Airport Etiquette: Travelling is exciting and stimulating, but sometimes it can be tiring and frustrating for anyone. At airports especially! One inconsiderate person can drive you crazy, and it’s more obvious in a group, so here’s few tips to make your life easier and keep your temper at manageable levels! [Source: SBS]

Study Tour Killer (5 of 8) Basing a group tour’s requirements on your individual experience – Maybe you remember great little boutique hotel near to everything – but it may not suit groups (with enough twin/triple rooms on the same floor). Or perhaps you fell in love with a romantic little mountain village – which may not accessible to coaches, or wind-scoured and empty in Winter?