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Educational Partners

TETC has invested into long-term and exclusive partnerships with selected Education Centres and schools in France, Italy, Spain and New Caledonia. Our Partners are tuned to Australian schools’ requirements for European Languages and cross-curricular subjects. 

TETC’s Premium Content Range

Our exclusive Education Partners have developed courses for TETC specifically in line with the Australian High School curriculum and can accommodate distinct levels of language ability. We can also cater for specific topics and goals as per your requirements.

Other subjects include History, Geography, Human Science, Visual Arts, History of Religions and Latin, depending on Partners.

These programs are classified as Premium Educational Content

L’École Internationale James Cook (Nouméa, New Calédonia)

Subject/s French
Accommodation Hotel

Conceived in 2005 by a local French school Teacher and an Australian Expatriate, L’École Internationale James Cook (EIJC) opened its doors in 2007. It is a P-12 school with over 400 students, and Noumea’s top private school. It is located in the residential suburb of Auteuil on the outskirts of Nouméa.EIJC.

The Immersion Program maximises your students experience and language intake during their stay including:

A pedagogical project developed by EIJC for visiting Australian school groups.

  • French lessons specifically for your group delivered by FLE qualified teachers
  • Classroom immersion in regular classes with local French students
  • Three or Four full days at the school with recess and lunch provided

Australian teachers can attend 3-6 hours of classroom observation as Teacher Identified Professional Development. (see For Teachers)

L’École de Langues NSOE (Nouméa, New Caledonia)

Subject/s French
Accommodation Hotel

Launched in 2015, L’École de Langues NSOE specifically develop classroom-based lessons aligned to the Australian Curriculum. L’École de Langues can cater up to 3 different language levels so that your students can be challenged at their own level in different classrooms by FLE qualified teachers. L’École de Langues NSOE is located right in the centre of town, sharing space and resources with the Nouméa School of English. Lessons can also be delivered at your hotel.

The L’École de Langues NSOE Language Intensive Program provides 12 hours of lessons tailored to your school’s requirements.

Sant’Anna Institute (Sorrento, Italy)

In Italy, TETC’s exclusive Education Partner for Australian schools is Sant’Anna Institute in Sorrento. It has evolved into an International community, where Italian and foreign students of all ages and from all corners of the globe can come together to exchange ideas, culture and projects. The Institute is affiliated with over a dozen American universities with scores more having had specific customised programs.

Subject/s Italian, History, Geography, Visual Arts, History of Religion, Latin
Cross-Curricular Available
Accommodation Hotel
Individual language course for teachers Click here – 5% discount on course
Professional Development group course for teachers Yes

International House Madrid (Spain)

Subject/s Spanish, History, Visual Arts
Cross-Curricular Available
Accommodation Hotel
Individual language course for teachers Click here – 5% discount on course
Professional Development group course for teachers Yes

 In Spain, TETC’s exclusive Education Partner for Australian schools is International House Madrid. It is one of the oldest and largest Spanish Language Schools in Spain, established in 1981. They are affiliated with the Cambridge International Programme and several other associations. Their teachers are qualified and regularly pursue professional development and are renowned as a Centre of Excellence using innovative pedagogical techniques.

Ecole Internationale Saint Denis (France)

Subject/s French, History
Cross-Curricular Available
Accommodation Hotel or Homestay
Professional Development group course for teachers At nearby Institut de Touraine in Tours

In France, TETC’s exclusive Education Partner for Australian schools is Saint Denis International School in Loches. Established in 1858, it is a day and boarding school for High School students situated in the beautiful and historic Loire Valley. Their International section is affiliated with the Cambridge International Programme, with the History and Geography teachers being native English speakers which is handy for cross-curricular groups.

Institut de Touraine

Institut de Touraine has been providing French language courses and teacher training courses since 1912. It is FLE accredited and under the academic supervision of Université François-Rabelais of Tours.

The yearly January “Stage pour professeurs de français” is held at IDT in Tours.

Subject/s French
Accommodation homestay or your own arrangements

As part of our special Human Sciences program for Noumea, we have engaged three highly qualified and experienced experts in Noumea to hold student workshops.

Frederic Angleviel Decolonisation – 3-hour workshop

Frederic is a fifth generation New-Caledonian and a prolific writer with over 20 books published so far, including one on the New Caledonian Congress jointly with Paul Fizin, and several specialised publications and contributions.

Following his qualifications in History, Geography and Anthropology, he taught at Ecole Normale de Noumea, the Teachers College, then headed the Curriculum Centre before joining the Universite de Nouvelle Caledonie as Lecturer then Professor. While on long leave from his University tenure, Frederic is currently pursuing further research in his fields of expertise as well as for private and local governments sectors.

Jean-Claude Briault Multiculturalism in New-Caledonia – 2-hour workshop

Jean-Claude (Gaby)’s family chronicle is a fascinating account of the history of New-Caledonia from the 1800s until now. Gaby’s heritage includes European, Melanesian, Vietnamese and Indonesian. His grand-father was a French mariner and adventurer who was jailed by the French authorities in 1880 for blackbirding to QLD, only to become, two decades later, the first Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages Officer in the then New-Hebrides and marry a local Melanesian woman. Gaby’s maternal grand-father was one of the thousands of Vietnamese workers who migrated to New Caledonia in the late 1890s to work on mines or plantations. He later became a baker and married an Indonesian woman, who had migrated to New Caledonia from the island of Java. Gaby is a former journalist and politician. He held senior positions at the Territorial Assembly, Congress, Southern Province and the New Caledonian Government and was part of the delegations to the Matignon and Noumea Accords. He is the author of several books.

Magulué Paul Fizin Recognition & rights of Indigenous People – 3-hour workshop

Secondary school Teacher and Historian, Magulué Paul holds, amongst other qualifications, a doctorate in History  from Université Michel de Montaigne – Bordeaux 3. He is a specialist in 19th Century Evangelisation and the Interactions between Melanesian populations and Europeans. He is also a Consultant to the Senat Coutumier and Advisor with the Department of Education for kanak languages and culture, and the author of several publications and contributions on Melanesian culture, life and politics. Magulué Paul is from the Loyalty Island of Lifou.

In France, TETC has an exclusive Education Partnership in Aix-en-Provence with IS-Aix-en-Provence (video) was first established in 1972, welcoming students from around the world. They are a full 3-star accredited FLE teaching institution (certified 2007, renewed 2015), who are also aligned with teaching associations including EAQALS, IALC and Groupment FLE, as well as recognised by government authorities in Germany and Sweden.

The school is on a private property close the town centre, and include a range of Outdoor Classroom excursions, led by the IS-Aix teachers to expand upon their classroom lessons and provide a more rounded understanding of French history, culture and everyday life. Their strong pedagogical structure focuses on verbal communication using a wide variety of techniques and materials in small classes to ensure progression of skills in all areas of language learning.

Through IS Aix-en-Provence, student homestay is also available, to provide an immersive French experience for your students.

In France, TETC has an exclusive Education Partnership in Nice with International House Nice. As part of the worldwide group of International House language schools, with native French and English speakers, IH Nice offers customised courses, suited to your students’ abilities. They are accredited with FLE, and recognised by the government authorities in Germany and Sweden.

IH Nice offers facilities in the centre of town, close to the trains, the seashore and the main street, with air-conditioned classrooms and state-of-the-art facilities, including free Wifi! Their programs emphasise the participation of the students, combined with “task-based” methods, with highly qualified and experienced teaching staff using the most modern pedagogical methods. IH Nice also include Outdoor Classroom excursions as part of their learning techniques.