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J112p – Japan – Traditions Science and Nature (Premium)


10 day FULLY INCLUSIVE program including 8 hours of tailored lessons suitable for Japanese Language, History, Geography, and Visual Arts

As part of your tour, your students will enjoy 8 hours of tailored lessons for their subject to provide greater insight into their tour experience. From the modern metropolis of Tokyo, to the ancient capital of Kyoto, and the remarkable Mt Fuji-Hakone-Izu national park in between, your students will experience a variety of environments and situations to explore the unique way that the Japanese view and use their surrounds, and how that influences every day life, their culture and well-being.

TETC prides itself in introducing an innovative quality approach to Educational Group Tours. Our tours are carefully planned to provide the maximum educational content suitable to the Australian Curriculum.

This Premium Educational Content program:

  • Fully guided excursions
  • Accommodation in 2-3* hotels
  • All breakfasts, lunch and dinners included – advanced bookings for individual dietary requirements ensures that food quantity and quality are equivalent to your expectation of adult groups’ standards.
  • A Mobile Wifi Hotspot (allowing up to 10 devices) so you can hit the ground running and avoid bill-shock, pre-loaded with 19€ data credit and 4G coverage




  • Tour is 100% English for non-language students groups
  • TETC programs are developed to highlight Key Learning Areas of the syllabus – excursions are chosen for their topics and relevance.
  • Local operators and providers are carefully selected by our Japanese representative office. We only use minimum 2 stars accommodation for the comfort and safety of your group, unless specifically requested otherwise.
  • All meals travel and accommodation are included in Japan complete with bilingual guides



  • You are busy teaching. Send us your risk assessment document and we will complete the tour section for your perusal. We are familiar with our overseas venues, hotels and locations and able to cover more details. This will assist you with all important H&S angles.
  • A school tour is no teacher’s holiday, you are on duty 24×7: Teachers are accommodated in single hotel rooms, unless specifically requested otherwise.
  • All meals are included in Japan – looking for a restaurant able to accommodate a group is NOT something you want to experience with a group of hungry teenagers at the end of a long and exciting day.



Your Itinerary: (✓ indicates Lessons On the Move)

Depart from your capital city.
Brisbane and Melbourne daytime departures, landing in Tokyo for dinner.
Sydney overnight departure, landing on Sunday morning.

Meals on plane
Bris and Melb departures arrive pm and have overnight accommodation in Tokyo

As you walk through Yoyogi Park, learn how the park was designed and constructed. At the time of design, Tokyo was already suffering from city pollution, with big old trees withering and dying. See how the creation of the park provided a traditional forest location for Meiji Shrine and revitalised the environment, providing the city with a clean and healthy natural habitat where even endangered and rare species now reside. Continue on your walk to see the contrast of modern vibrant sub-cultures in Harajuku, where anything goes! Before dinner you will even see the famous Shibuya Crossing, where the lights change and pedestrians surge across from all sides.

Meals at local restaurants
Overnight accommodation in Tokyo

Contrast your experience in the forest of Yoyogi Park to the beautifully cultivated and manicured gardens of the Imperial Palace East Gardens. Examine the elements that have been brought together and how the choices are selected for impact and season. From there you will visit Sensoji, Tokyo’s oldest Temple, before having lunch at a local restaurant. In the afternoon you will visit the Edo-Tokyo Museum to learn how Tokyo became the capital, growing from a small fishing village to the centre of power in the country, with interactive exhibits explaining about the waterways, trade routes and geography of the city. Step out of the museum to visit Akihabara, Japan’s “Electric Town”, a centre of global electronics technology, anime and manga.

Meals at local restaurants
Overnight accommodation in Tokyo

Time to polish up your skills with morning classes at your hotel. After lunch, try your hand at ikebana class – how much have you learnt of the Japanese perception and appreciation of nature? Join in the tea ceremony, a calming and contemplative custom which you will recognised as an exercise in mindfulness. Use your Lessons on the Move – Tea Ceremony/Ikebana for a greater learning experience.

Meals at local restaurants
Overnight accommodation in Tokyo

Morning classes at your hotel. After lunch, experience the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation to see how we are continuing to learn about the earth; consider the implications of how the new version of the world map, the AuthaGraph, presents a “decentralized view” of the world; examine the interactive display of scientific discovery from cells to planets and their impact on our future. Afterwards, see Tokyo from a different perspective! Use your Lessons on the Move – Miraikan for a greater learning experience.

Meals at local restaurants
Overnight accommodation in Tokyo

The Japanese revere Mt Fiji for its perfectly symmetrical cone. Today, a day trip will take you into the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park, up the mountains in cable cars and little railways before a lunch cruise on Ashi Lake on a “pirate ship”! Are you brave enough to try “Owakudani black eggs”, chicken eggs hard boiled in the sulphuric spring until the shell turns black? Consider these different approaches to tourism and how they aid management of the local resources, create industry for the small towns and generate interest and fun for everyone.

Meals at local restaurants
Overnight accommodation in Tokyo

This is your chance to experience the Bullet Train – keep your camera ready for another photo opportunity of Mt Fiji! Meet your new guide for Kyoto and have lunch before visiting a Museum for traditional crafts and see some demonstrations by the artisans. Consider how local crafts developed over the centuries because of the available natural resources, trade and foreign influences.

Dinner at local restaurant
Overnight accommodation in Kyoto

Begin your day at Kiyomizudera, the Clear Water Temple, perched high about the city over a natural spring. Consider the importance of clean water – considered to have “healing properties” – to a community. See for yourself the iconic architecture of main temple built on high stilts which provide spectacular views. Walk through the historic district full of traditional merchant shops to lunch. In the afternoon visit Nijo Castle which is surrounded by moats, has “nightingale floors”, paintings from several Japanese masters and landscaped gardens.

Dinner at local restaurant
Overnight accommodation in St Malo

After breakfast you will leave Kyoto for your connection to the airport. You will arrive home on Monday morning.

Final meal at airport is own purchase
Overnight on Airplane.

Itinerary subject to change due to flight schedules, local and international holidays and other logistical factors. Price may vary depending on date of departure, currency exchange fluctuation, date of deposit receipt, gender mix, group size, etc… Flights and airport taxes not included (why?) – can be added as an option.